Apologies for previous post

As you may have noticed, I did post something unrelated in this blog yesterday.

It had to do about my journey into competing as a bodybuilder.

That might be something you don’t know about me :) I have been training for over a decade now.

That post was meant to be for my private blog that I am working on. Basically that blog serves me as a journal to talk about anything and everything that is on my mind as well as things related to bodybuilding / health / fitness.

I quickly removed it because it wasn’t supposed to be posted here, but due to a mistake (I selected the wrong blog in which to post) it got posted and you received the email of the post.

With it I seek to motivate, encourage and spread knowledge and awareness about fitness, health and women’s bodybuilding.

It is still somewhat a ‘taboo’ subject that I hope I can open up. 

Now…as I said…it is a private blog, but I am considering making it public if you guys are interested in that.

There will be lots of tips and tricks and you will be able to see my progress…weekly…both physically and mentally as I prepare for my first competition.

Until later!

Tuesday: Blog schedule announcement and what makes me happy

I was just sitting here and thinking of how many nice things I am blessed to have around…and the first things in my mind had nothing to do with cosmetics.
So many blogs have inspired me to change in a more positive way, so many people, yet I never dared to put myself out there to actually create a change. Don’t get me wrong: I love reviewing pale foundations. I love discussing about cosmetics. But life is much more than that, and I want to show what I have learned, what I will learn of the different colors and dimensions to life because it makes me happy, and hopefully it will make you happy as well. Continue reading